Caring relationships are the soil we grow from and the foundation we build on at University Elementary School (UES). Since 2018, UES began adapting Community Renewal International (CRI) relational principles and practices to enhance the learning environment. As the first CRI We Care School, University Elementary engages our school community (staff, students, parents, and school partners) in creating a culture of caring as the foundation for learning and community. UES organizes the school community into six conceptual houses, each themed by a characteristic of caring. The houses connect students across grade levels and provide opportunities for co-opetition (competition for cooperation). Caring is cool and fun. We encourage our school community to intentionally focus on caring acts with a schoolwide card game, Caught-You-Caring. The observer who fills out a card (leadership skill-building to see good in others) and the person committing a caring act are awarded house points. Persons within our school community who create pathfinder initiatives that help us better understand our ever-growing UES culture of caring are celebrated with Pathfinder Awards. Being a We Care School prioritizes caring relationships as our most valuable and value creating resource, the foundation from which grows our village.