The office is now open from 8AM to 3PM daily for phone calls and registration. Please call 797-2240 to speak to an office worker for any questions! You may not enter the building without an appointment, so please call first!


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Important Message from Mrs. Mainiero:

Caddo Parish Schools is providing two options for students in the elementary school setting. Option #1 is the traditional learning model, where students may return to campus as long as they follow COVID-19 guidelines.  These guidelines include social distancing measures, masks required in grades 3-5, and extra sanitation measures. Option #2 is the virtual learning model, in which students will remain at home to receive virtual instruction via a device. In both settings, students will use the CANVAS Learning Management System to complete their lessons.  Both settings will require ALL students to have a device with Wi-Fi capabilities.

Students who participate in Option #1 will need a wireless device with WiFi capabilities such as a small tablet or a Chromebook. In an effort to ensure all students have an opportunity to access virtual learning in both the traditional and virtual learning settings, University Elementary School will provide students the opportunity to check out a device for the 2020-2021 school year via a parent signed contract. Parents will be held liable if the school-issued device is lost, broken, damaged, or altered for purposes other than appropriate school use. Students may use their own personal devices (BYOD), however, the school/district will not be responsible for loss, theft, or damage to such property. Devices are to only be used in the classroom, for educational purposes, and when designated by individual teachers. Devices will be able to connect to school WiFi while on campus and will allow students to access these valuable resources at home or from other areas with WiFi coverage while away from school. Information regarding device checkout and WiFi for students needing home access will be made available on the school website and media outlets prior to the beginning of school. Students will carry these items daily, it is highly encouraged to buy your own device for your child if you can do so, thereby ensuring they have a personal device that no one else is using.  It is not a requirement, but an optional, encouraged item.

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Partner with University Elementary School

Have you been searching for the right elementary school for your children? Look no further. University Elementary School, founded in 1967, offers a comprehensive and engaging learning environment where your young children can thrive. We are a neighborhood public school and proud to be a part of our local community. We currently have over 1,000 students enrolled in our program, overseen by a dedicated staff of 140 caring adults.

When you choose University Elementary School for your child, you’ll partner with a school that has received a remarkable number of awards given the growth they have seen in a short period of time. This is a direct result of the passion our parents, teachers, support staff, and students have for education and their community.

We invite anyone looking for an educational home for children between Pre-K and fifth grade to consider our program. We guarantee you will be impressed by the unique, high-energy and engaging learning environment you will find at UES. Our goal is to keep our students excited about learning and growing by fostering a non-traditional learning environment that includes a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

For more information, or to find out if University Elementary School is the right fit for you and your children, give us a call or stop by the school today!

Pre-K Registration Information

Parents will need to provide a current bill (utility, water, gas), social security card, W2, check stubs (2 consecutive), and student’s birth certificate).  Registration will be online and should open in March.

Please note: current students already in the Pre-K program do not have to re-enroll.

Click here for the Online Registration System

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Learn more about our Early Care Club

We are happy to announce that we are offering a club that offers early child care for parents that need to drop off children starting at 6:00 AM.

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